Sebvest Energy


Lease your land for a solar farm or battery storage asset, and you’ll gain long-term, stable income, while playing an important role in South Africa’s journey to net zero.

We’ve been helping businesses to reduce their carbon intensity for years. And we’re committed to playing a leading part in shaping a net zero future. That’s why we’re developing, building, managing, and optimising the large-scale, low-carbon energy assets that will enable South Africa’s energy transition.


By building a 900MW portfolio of solar and battery storage assets over the next five years, our investments will help to transform South Africa’s energy landscape. It means we’ll be connecting some of the country’s biggest businesses to zero-carbon solar energy; while using battery storage to help the grid manage the challenges of moving towards intermittent renewable energy generation.

Access long-term stable rent

You’ll earn a market-based rate of revenue per acre of land, giving you predictable income for the long-term.

Keeping things on track

  • Safety first, (installations & workers)
  • We are environment conscious
  • We stick to SOP’s, keeping things simple

Creating a lasting partnership

  • We value stewardship & accountability
  • We constantly evaluate new tech
  • We have a strong financial backing

There are several stages to your pathway to net zero: Plan, Cut, Convert, and Complete. With our end-to-end in-house capabilities, we can help you to achieve all this – no matter your sector. We partner with organisations in the Public Sector and with large industrial businesses to accelerate to net zero in a way that works for them.

Our in-house financing could help you to balance the demands of planet and profit, becoming more sustainable without the need for capital outlay. And with our industry-leading energy monitoring software PowerRadar, you’ll know that you’re getting the most out of your energy investments.

We build, operate and maintain energy assets to help you decarbonise and demonstrate value – no matter the sector you operate in.



  • Public Sector partnerships
  • Industrial & Commercial Partnership
  • Net Zero Pathways Consultancy
  • Financed Solutions
  • Energy Monitoring & Insights

We specialise in 1MW+ onsite, behind-the-meter energy generation, helping you to become more sustainable and control your costs.

The energy landscape is constantly changing, and many organisations are taking control of their usage and spend with onsite generation. With in-house design, installation, financing and maintenance capabilities, we can help you to manage your energy by creating your own.


We offer hydrogen-ready Combined Heat and Power (CHP) units, Commercial Solar Panels and Commercial Heat Pumps to support your journey to net zero. We’ll work with you to determine the type of energy generation that works best for your organisation, managing your installation around your site’s unique requirements. And we provide a range of Operations & Maintenance (O&M) packages to suit your needs, protecting your assets for the future.

Sebvest Energy builds, operates and maintains energy assets to help you decarbonise and demonstrate value – no matter the sector you operate in.


  • Hydrogen-ready CHP units
  • Commercial Solar Panels
  • Commercial Heat Pumps
  • Operations & Maintenance

We supply business energy through our network of established partners with proven track records. We’ve adapted from our early days supplying gas and coal to be an energy and solutions company of the future.

With a range of different electricity and gas options, we deliver an energy supply that aligns with your needs and budget. These options are underpinned by energy management tools that give you visibility and control over your energy consumption and make energy easier to manage.