Sebvest Capital Partners


Sebvest Capital Partners provides innovative financial solutions throughout the world, namely: Investments, Transactions and Sustainability.

Sebvest Capital Partners focuses on high income and capital yielding opportunities in stable but growing sectors of the global economy.

To assist with access to equity finance and to stimulate SMME growth the South African Government and SARS implemented a tax incentive, known as Section 12J, for any investor who invests into Venture Capital Companies (VCC’s) or 12J companies, through the VCC regime. These investors would benefit in the form of a tax deduction in respect to expenditure incurred to acquire shares in approved VCCs (12J Funds). Currently, there are various section 12J funds in the market who look to specific investment types or projects, however, their reasons for doing so are not focused enough on the true cause, which is the growth of young businesses.


Sebvest 12J, a substantial fund at the forefront of the investment market, sets the bar for investment returns, mergers and acquisitions and SMME growth. It is a proudly South African fund that is one of the first Black Owned 12J funds in the market. Sebvest 12J is synonymous with integrity, professionalism and authenticity that not only returns growth and ROI to shareholders but contributes to the socioeconomic standing of our country by radically growing the SMME market.


Sebvest 12J vision for 2021 Sebvest 12J strives to be the largest S12J fund in the country investing in multisector, multifaceted growth businesses, delivering the highest SMME growth while also being the leader and innovator that other platforms measure themselves against. It’s proven track record will tell the story of successful SSME growth and job creation in South Africa, a positive return for both shareholders, and the greater South Africa. The Sebvest 12J fund is a robust and attractive venture capital company producing strong returns in addition to the tax break received in using the structure.


Private equity is comprised of funds and investors that directly invest in private companies using capital that is not listed on a public exchange.


Sebvest Private Equity is made up of a select group of private investors that seek privately-owned, unlisted businesses with proven track records who are looking to increase their market penetration and company growth through recapitalization or black ownership. These companies fall into the lower to mid-cap size in South Africa and other African markets.


In partnering with leading entrepreneurs and management teams, Sebvest Private Equity has the knowledge, commitment and passion to fuel the success of businesses with potential by providing high quality, rigorous and customized private equity solutions to complement the entrepreneurial landscape�


The Sebvest Fund Managers are black owned and manage both Sebvest Private Equity and Sebvest 12J. This gives us a major strategic advantage when it comes to companies looking to meet their transformation objectives.


Sebvest Fund Managers manage fund investments into a diverse range of businesses throughout South Africa with the objective of generating returns in excess of the market over a sustained period of time. Our experienced team has the knowledge and commitment to seek out opportunities in our ever changing landscape and execute sound investment decisions in order to satisfy the demands of our investors.

Treasury by definition is the management of the liquidity of a business. This means that all current and projected cash inflows and outflows must be monitored to ensure that there is sufficient cash to fund company operations, as well as to ensure that excess cash is properly invested.


All while ensuring that existing assets are safeguarded through the use of safe forms of investment and hedging activities. In essence, treasury functions revolve around the monitoring of cash, the use of cash and the ability to raise more cash. At Sebvest treasury we offer solutions to assist management in these functions as cash flows are fundamental not only to a growth of a business but its survival as well.